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Celebrating Latin American Heritage.
Discover the stories that hide the best and most important works of art in this region.
Find the best music, rythms, paintings, sculptures, dancers, famous artists & more.

Find all the Latin Art in our Casa Latina in Dubai: art crafts, paintings, sculptures, music, dance and much more.

Latinamerica ART & CULTURE
Latinamerica sculptures


Throughout the History of Latin America we find fabulous and big sculptures from pre-Columbian civilizations, mainly in Mexico and Peru.

After the European conquest we will find Latinamerican Art combined with its influence and achieving its identity from that times to the present.

Latinamerica paintings


Discover Painting in Latin America as an expression of its culture and traditions and also the beautiful natural landscapes.

The large and colorful murals stand out in all the Latin corners.

Latinamerica music


Music in Latin America arises from the influence of Indigenous, European and African fusion.
Discover the native rhythms such as cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, bolero, etc.

Also we find, under the international influence: tango, pop, rock and Latin Jazz to the reaggeton and electronic music today.

Latinamerica dance


Latin music is characterized by its joyful rhythms that lift us out of the chair to dance!

Discover through our Casa Latina the most famous Latin dancers from Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Reggeaton to Tango and the typical folk dances of the Latin American countries.

Latinamerica art crafts


Learn about the different Latin crafts of each country:
From colorful pottery, ceramics, necklaces, bracelets, silverware, fabrics to all types of interior decoration art.

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