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We have always been committed to the preservation and recovery of natural resources.
Our priorities are respect for nature, taking care of it, not polluting or damaging soils, water and the atmosphere, respecting all forms of life and good animal treatment.
At the beginning of the 90's we started to conduct agricultural productions with certified organic traceability and we went out to offer our products to the international market.
Today in the "Organic ALMACEN" we continue with the same philosophy of producing and marketing healthy foods, collaborating in the conservation of resources for future generations.

Organics Products Almacen
We promote healthy life
Because we care about the planet
We certify and guarantee:

Organics Products Top Quality
Organics Products Sustainability
Organics Products Healthy life

Be part of our Organic Oasis in the Middle East

Our Organic warehouse introduces and offers your products in a continuously growing premium market.
We bring your top quality products to 5 and 7 star Luxury Hotels, Top Restaurants and Most Prestigious Specialty Stores.
We give presence to your products in the trade fairs of Dubai ORGANIC AND NATURAL, Nuremberg BIOFACH and other specialized Trade Shows of the sector.

Dubai Organic Natural 2020

Dubai is nearby, We are the bridge.

Casa Latina is a fully diversified international trading and sales organization operating in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.
We count on skilled professionals worldwide.