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Middle East ORGANIC & NATURAL Fair

The indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides, a poor management of soils, including an abuse of monoculture in primary production, were causing over time, a severe pollution and a negative impact on natural resources, and health of the population in general. This generated the need for a radical change in the methods of food production, industry and marketing.

This is how in some countries they have returned (on a smaller scale), from almost artisan ways of production to sophisticated certified organic production systems. The main objective is the care and recovery of the soil, the water, the atmosphere and the biological diversity; always thinking about our quality of life and that of future generations, including the life of all organisms and the planet itself.

In the UAE's beginnings, the authorities found themselves in the situation of having to work under very harsh environmental conditions. Caring for water and its perfect use was essential for the subsistence of all forms of life.

In other words, there was already a great commitment to care and preserve the limited natural resources. As irrigation and fertilization technology went on expanding, it increased the amount and diversity of vegetation. Intensive production systems appeared and with them the commitment to continue growing and persevering.

At the same time, measures to care about native and exotic species were updated and added. Also everything related to care about the environment and people's health.

Along the years, the organic products that met all those requirements were reaching the Dubai’s market. The Emirates population with more than two hundred different ethnics groups get used to this type of food and the demand went on increasing.

The promotion in exhibitions centres and the tastings done in hotels, airports and Gulfood Fair, was conclusive for the Dubai World Trade Centre to organize exclusives dates for food, fertilizers, pesticides, and organic and natural cosmetics.

This is the way how this impressive market was born several years ago, now currently visited by businessmen from all around the world. Due to this, the demand has grown a lot and continues growing. Organic products can be seen in all supermarkets, shops, hotels, restaurants and food courts.

As every year, LA CASA LATINA is pleased to introduce your organic brands, prepare your personalized meetings and escort your company through the three days exhibition.

December 2022
Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre

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