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Since its inauguration in 1995, every February, The Gulfood fair has been growing and improving every year, following the development of Dubai and all the Emirates. It is currently considered one of the most prestigious and important food exhibitions in the world.

During five days, this event welcomes the exhibiting companies and visitors from all around the world to trade their food products, to discover the new novelties on offer, and to find out the current events of the global market.

Companies from all continents exhibit their products in the space set apart for them in the pavilion of their respective countries.

The companies arrive with their respective delegations to a designated space. They are lodge in individual stands designed and built in with style to display their products to interested businessmen. It is there where inquiries are received and businesses start.

The official delegations of each country arrive at the fair with government authorities escorting the entrepreneurs. Meeting such diverse cultures creates a very special environment in which, in addition to doing business, you can enjoy the art, the music and the food of different ethnics.

There are exclusive sectors for the supply and demand of cereals, legumes and their derivatives. You have separate sectors for the dairy industry and milk derivatives. The same applies for the bakery industry, honey, fruits, juices and dehydrated vegetables.

Conferences are held during the 5 days on different topics related to primary production, food industry, certifications, and commercial strategies. You can also listen to experts in port logistics, international transport, cold chains, certifications, insurance and other topics. A few conferences talk about markets trends and the considerations to achieve the best results in each business.

Competitions are organized, where master cheese makers, ice cream makers, bakers and pastry chefs participate, and there is one also for international top chefs.

With regards to local and international banks, they have a space to promote their services too; also officials of each country have an institutional desk for information. Foundations, Universities and Schools have their space too for consultations. Certifying companies and the media promote their services and activities.

Attending Gulfood. In the beginning, the fair entry was free for everyone, but over the years and because of the great increase in demand, now only the companies are allowed to enter with the ticket, leaving for the last day the public with a free access.

For the past 15 years, this event began to be overwhelmed by thousands of companies that were on a waiting list due to the lack of space to participate. Despite the work to improve and expand the facilities, it was not enough to meet the high demand that companies were requesting.

For the above mentioned, fairs began to be organized by specialties, detaching from the previous one, such as The Specialty Food Festival for Gourmet Products, Seafex for seafood, Organic & Natural for organic products, Yummex for Snacks and Sweets, Gulfood Manufacturing, Halal, etc, each of them is growing successfully and with its own identity.

Once again, as every year, LA CASA LATINA is looking forward to introduce your products and your brands in this impressive market. Please contact us to prepare your personalized agenda for the next Gulfood edition in February 2021.

13 - 17 February 2022
Dubai World Trade Centre

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