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Agra ME Fair
AGRA ME Products

When we think about the Arabian Peninsula we imagine large places of sand, lots of sun, heat waves and little water. Well, the region naturally has a desert climate with very hot summers, sandy soils, short rainfall, and rarely you can find groundwater.

Despite these environmental limitations, there have been intensive productive systems for raising animals for meat consumption and also for milk production for many years. Now, you can find farms that produce chicken meat and eggs, but in such adverse ecological environment it is almost impossible or excessively expensive to produce food on a scale that allows supplying the extent of the demand.

In many Gulf countries the dairy products are supplied by dairy farms equipped with high technology that operates in desert conditions with excellent yields despite the harsh climate. It is common to find dairy farms with 4,000 and even more than 20,000 milking cows. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are prestigious ranches and stables that are among the most important in the world. Camel herds and their dairy industry are also very important and with a lot of history.

Throughout the territory, the breeding of highly competitive camels and sports horses are widespread in these countries, as well as world-class racetracks for horses and camels.

The production of animals on an industrial scale depends directly on the supply of water, food, medicine, professionals and all kinds of services to achieve the necessary levels of performance, quality and health.

The need to top up on animal feed and at the same time to incorporate high technology and sanitation into the food chain sparked the idea of organizing a fair that could bring together entrepreneurs from around the world so that these shortages could be solved through imports.

This is how AGRAME was born, a fair that every year receives for 3 days all those interested in selling and buying products, systems, projects, facilities, medicine, projects, and so on.

The large consumption of alfalfa, in order to supply all the farming systems in operation, and the difficulty and cost of producing it, across the region, made the alfalfa the most demanded product to satisfy animal feed in the region.

In addition, all the infrastructure that had to be built to receive, store and distribute the bales, led the UAE to become one of the largest importers and re-exporters of mega-bales of alfalfa in the region. The alfalfa is demanded in different quality and sizes, as well as pellets and mixed ones. However, the largest area of the fairgrounds is allotted to exhibit all types of animal feed in all forms and mixtures. Among them, the most important products are the animal feed for highly competitive horses and camels, and raw materials for dairy cows diet.

There is also a growing space each year, for all kinds of certified pest control products and fertilizers for organic food production.

December 2022
Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

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