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About us

About us

We are a group of professionals based in the United Arab Emirates since 2010 with more than 35 years experience in agricultural production and global commerce.

We represent companies from around the world in Dubai and Middle East Markets.

We offer Trade & Consulting Services and Representation of companies, with personalized attention.

We have business alliances with prestigious companies in agro-industry, food, building industry, distribution and logistic sectors with long-serving experience in the world.

Our Mission

To introduce products from around the world into Middle East Markets and to achieve an on-going presence of our suppliers in the region.
We have become one of the fastest growing trade & consulting companies in Emirates due to our ability to consistently deliver best in class services to our valued customers.
To develop brands, franchises and introduce new products, providing the best quality top-notch services.

Our Vision

Dubai is the commercial hub of a mega-market of more than two billion people.
Keeping our eyes turned to the world at large, CL major objective is to promote worldwide trade with nations, business organizations and people.
CL will ensure its customers a ready access to a worldwide network of manufacturers and distributors.
We are your gate into the middle east markets.


Engineer Omar Haffar.
Personal expertise:
• Int’l Commerce with plus 40 years experience.
• Int’l Fairs, in the fields of agriculture and trading of commodities for South America, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.

• Trade Representative for the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, before the UAE.
• Trade advisor to many argentine companies in the middle east for the past 12 years.
• Halal and Organic certification expert and supervisor.

University of Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Professor of Agriculture, Ecology and Environment

And in connection with the Argentine Foreign Office.
• Key organizer for several International trade missions of Argentine companies to UAE and for UAE companies to Argentina.

Casa Latina FZ LLC
Executive Director

We work with the following certifications:

Casa Latina certifications

Dubai is nearby, We are the bridge.

Casa Latina is a fully diversified international trading and sales organization operating in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.
We count on skilled professionals worldwide.